Our Core Beliefs

Bible-Believeing.. Mission Minded..

Our Core Beliefs

Our core beliefs can be found in the Baptist Faith and Message. However, we are a church that believes in the Sovereignty of God and that Jesus Christ is His only Son born of a virgin. He was sent to save us from our sin. We believe that salvation is in no other but Christ. In order to be saved one must fully trust Christ as Lord and savior. We believe that the Holy Spirit is the third person of the trinity and teaches us and guides us in all things.

We believe that one must be obedient to Christ following salvation through baptism by immersion. This does not save a person but is an outward profession on an inward confession of Christ.

We believe the Word of God is the only inspired word. We believe it is without error and for daily wisdom for each believer.

We believe that Jesus Christ is visibly coming again and will restore all things to Himself. What a day that will be! Lastly, because of these beliefs we are motivated to go in to the entire world and make Jesus known. We do that through local, state and foreign missions.

If you have any questions our staff or leaders can help you to understand what we believe as a church.